Academic Plan
The suggested four-year Agricultural Academy academic plan fulfils several district graduation requirements and is suitable for CSU and UC admission.
Grade 9: Biology & Sustainable Agriculture
Grade 10: Chemistry & Agriscience
Grade 11: Advanced Interdisciplinary Science for Sustainable Agriculture
Grade 12: Economics in Agriculture

Course Offerings
Biology & Sustainable Agriculture: Sustainable Agriculture is a one year course designed to integrate biological science practices and knowledge into the practice of sustainable agriculture. The course is organized into four major sections, or units, each with a guiding question. Unit one addresses the question, What is sustainable agriculture? Unit two, How does sustainable agriculture fit into our environment? Unit three, What molecular biology principles guide sustainable agriculture? Unit four, How do we make decisions to maximize sustainable agricultural practices within a functioning ecosystem? Within each unit specific life science principles will be identified with agricultural principles and practices guiding the acquisition of this knowledge, culminating in the development of a sustainable farm model and portfolio of supporting student research.

Chemistry & Agriscience: This course explores the physical and chemical nature of soil as well as the relationships between soil, plants, animals and agricultural practices. Students will examine properties of soil and land and their connections to plant and animal production. Using knowledge of scientific protocols as well as course content, students will develop an Agriscience research program to be conducted throughout the first semester of the course. Throughout the course, students will be graded on participation in intra-curricular FFA activities as well as the development and maintenance of an ongoing Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) program.

Advanced Interdisciplinary Science for Sustainable Agriculture: This integrated class combines an interdisciplinary approach to laboratory science and research with agricultural management principles. Using skills and principles learned in the course, students will explore plant and animal systems, natural resources and food systems. The course culminates with an agriscience experimental research project in which students design and conduct an experiment to solve a relevant issue. This course qualifies for honors credit if a grade of C or better is earned.

Available Agricultural Academy Electives
Design and Implementation: Sculpture in wood, and metal with emphasis on creativity, design, and project implementation. Meets visual and performing arts graduation requirement, UC/CSU elective requirement & CSU fine arts requirement.

Floral Design: Students will study principles related to floral and artistic design and acquire skills and knowledge in the history, theory and application used in floral design. Meets visual & performing arts graduation requirement.

Fabrication with Wood/Metal: Practical experience in arc and oxyacetylene welding, identification of tools and equipment as well as building projects with wood and metal.

Outdoor Recreation and Conservation: This course is designed to give experiences involving the study of wildlife and the decreasing quality and quantity of their environments. Students will also study basic forestry management, hunter safety, archery, fishing and backpacking. Students will be expected to complete individual projects and long-term assignments. Homework will vary by unit and will consist of reading, writing lab reports, and research papers. Tests will be given regularly and students will be expected to participate in assignments, class discussions, and other structured events. This course is one of a series of courses that prepare the student for college level entry into the various disciplines of Agriculture Science.

CTE Welding: The opportunities for welders are unlimited. The course is articulated with the introductory certified welding course at Cosumnes River College. The purpose of this course prepares students for an entry level welding career.