EGHS has a Floral Design Program that is in FULL swing. For those of you not familiar with this program, we work as a full scale floral shop, at a discounted price (since we aren’t trying to make a living off of the business, just trying to get students “real” hands-on floral experience). Last year our floral design students did a variety of work including: 58 Monthly Teacher Arrangements (a program through the EGUSD), 27 weddings, 7 funerals, DHIA (Dairy Herd improvement Association) Annual Banquet, National Charolais Awards Dinner, 4 baby showers, 2 District Board Meeting, and numerous other things including all EGHS Sunshine arrangements. Our kids do FLORAL SHOP QUALITY work!!

We almost always have flowers in the cooler for those last minute floral needs and we look forward to the pre-bookings for larger project. Prices vary in with the cost of consumable materials. You can contact us (Amy Erman, EGHS Floral Design Instructor) through school email ( in order to set up an appointment or chat via email so that we can get you a quote for your floral needs.

Let us know if you ever in need of “Floral Services.”
Thank you,
Amy Erman
Elk Grove High School
Floral Design Instructor