• Mrs. Welch
  • Mr. Messer
  • Mrs. Bamert
  • Mrs. Lawson
  • Mrs. Erman
  • Ms. Meyers
  • Mr. Albiani


Executive Committee

  • Sophie Albiani
  • Isabella Albiani
  • Samantha Albiani
  • Mily Meinking
  • Cassidy Watson
  • D’Ona Ashton
  • Spencer Comstock
  • Abigale Jacobsen

Chairperson of Committee

  • Community Service – Shelby Clifford
  • Set-up/ Clean-up – Shelby Clifford
  • Outreach – Janae Hadden
  • POA – Janae Hadden
  • Recreation/ Activities – Amanda Brown
  • Elections – Victoria Mitchell
  • National Chapter Award – Victoria Mitchell
  • Fund Raising – Cole Ibbotson
  • Newspaper/ Website – Prentyce Ibbotson
  • Publicity – Prentyce Ibbotson
  • Meeting Refreshments – Cecilia Infante
  • Scrapbook – Mariah Strong & Taylor Applemun

Below: Explanation of standing committees: goals, objectives, & plans as they pertain to students, the chapter, & community

Community Service
Chairperson: Shelby Clifford
Advisor: Mr. Albiani
Committee Members: Malia Dietz, Taylor Applemum
Goals & Objectives: To work with advisors in setting up activities for Twilight Pre-Schools, Project RIDE Functions, local drives, and community organization fundraisers.

Set Up/ Clean Up
Chairperson: Shelby Clifford
Advisor: Mr. Rooney
Committee Members: David Green, Logan Sigmon
Goals & Objectives: To be responsible for set-up and clean-up of meeting room and all areas where FFA meetings or activities are held.

Chairperson: Janae Hadden
Advisor: Mr. Albiani
Committee Members: Lexi Stroud, Malia Dietz
Goals & Objectives: To recruit and retain (support) incoming and new members.

Program of Activities
Chairperson: Janae Hadden
Advisor: Mrs. Welch
Committee Members: Shelby Clifford
Goals & Objectives: To update the POA annually for distribution to member and related parties.

Recreation/ Activities
Chairperson: Amanda Brown
Advisor: Ms. Wright
Committee Members: Sarah Sigmon, Prentyce Hitt
Goals & Objectives: To plan chapter recreational activities with officer’s cooperation to incorporate into monthly meetings and events.

Chairperson: Amanda Brown
Advisor: Mr. Messer
Committee Members: Cici Infante, Alanna Pere
Goals & Objectives: To update the election process as needed while maintaining the integrity of the local constitution and benefiting the membership.

National Chapter Award
Chairperson: Victoria Mitchell
Advisor: Mr. Messer
Committee Members: Molly Felton, Emily Melis
Goals & Objectives: To prepare National Chapter Application for State and/ or National submissions.

Fund Raising
Chairperson: Cole Ibbotson
Advisor: Mrs. Erman
Committee Members: Veronica Mendoza, Jonivan Dietz
Goals & Objectives: To coordinate and oversee all financial activity while maintaining a positive balance.

Newspaper/ Website
Chairperson: Prentyce Hitt
Advisor: Mrs. Welch & Ms. Whyler
Committee Members: Chalsie Dituri, Makenzie Marsh
Goals & Objectives: To write and submit articles to the newspapers, New Horizons magazine, and the website.

Chairperson: Prentyce Hitt
Advisor: Ms. Whyler
Committee Members: Taylor Applemum, Veronica Mendoza, Mariah Strong
Goals & Objectives: To publicize FFA Activities through signs, flyers, and bulletin announcements.

Meeting Refreshments
Chairperson: Cecilia Infante
Advisor: Mrs. Erman
Committee Members: Mariah Strong
Goals & Objectives: To organize refreshments for all FFA Activities, plan all barbeques and the annual banquet.

Chairperson: Mariah Strong & Taylor Applemun
Advisor: Mrs.Welch
Committee Members: Shelby Clifford, Dakota Scott
Goals & Objectives: To prepare and maintain the chapter scrapbook and preserve the Chapter’s annual history.