Supervised Agricultural Experience Program
Each student will be involved in a Supervised Agricultural Experience Program (SAEP). The essence of the project is to give students a firsthand look at the agriculture industry in a variety of areas; plant science, animal science, agriculture mechanics, natural resources, community development, landscaping and so much more.

Students, with the help of their advisor, choose a project that can be anything from gardening to raising livestock projects or from a job to volunteering. It is a rare prospect to apply real life skills in a variety of agriculture fields. Students have the exciting opportunity to utilize the Elk Grove High School Farm. Whether a student chooses to raise an animal in one of the barns, grow plants in the greenhouse, or landscape a designated area of the farm, resources are available to assist students with their projects.

View a list of possible SAE projects.

School Farm
A unique characteristic of the Elk Grove Agriculture Academy is the School Farm Laboratory. This facility allows the raising of over 200 student project a year. The facilities include a 60 hog swine unit, a 40 head capacity sheep barn, meat goat facilities and a beef barn for students interested in large animals. For small animal production there is a rabbitry and both broiler and laying hen projects for the students to manage. We believe that these experiences enhance the learning and retention of our students. The cooperation, responsibility and life skills used while completing student projects carry on into college or career. The laboratory also houses a greenhouse equipped with aquaculture and hydroponics systems as well as standard greenhouse plants. These facilities are utilized for student projects and research, complementing the agriscience project program.