Elk Grove FFA achieves 2021 Sacramento County Fair Success!!

Elk Grove FFA once again made a mark in the Sacramento County Fair where our members competed in various shows and events to showcase all of their hard work. Congratulations to these exhibitors!

Sacramento Animal Husbandry and Grading Expo Results:

Champion Angus – Joseph Carroll
Champion Black Cross – Jordan Ayala
Champion Shorthorn – Bella Albiani
Champion FFA – Jordan Ayala
Supreme Champion Steer – Jordan Ayala
Supreme Champion Heifer Sophie Albiani
Champion Novice & Advanced Showman – Jordan Ayala
Reserve Champion &Advanced Showman – Bella Albiani

Champion Hampshire – Ashley Feldman
Reserve Champion Hampshire – Sydney Lewis
Champion Crossbred – Bella Albiani
Champion Speck – Bella Ayers
Reserve Champion Dorset – Morgan Peak
Champion Natural – Abby Jacobsen
Reserve Champion Natural – Bella Albiani
Champion FFA – Abby Jacobsen
Reserve Champion FFA – Bella Albiani
Reserve Supreme Champion – Abby Jacobsen
Reserve Champion Advanced Showman – Abby Jacobsen

Reserve Champion Novice Showman – Nathan Tucker

Supreme Champion Single Fryer – Matthew Koontz
Reserve Supreme Champion Meat Pen – Matthew Koontz
Reserve Champion Advanced Showman – Sophie Albiani
Reserve Champion Novice Showman – Izzy Vazquez

Reserve Champion Duroc – Maddy Ames
Reserve Champion Dark Cross – Sophie Albiani
Reserve Champion Yorkshire – Izzy Alves
Champion Light Cross- Brianna Heglar
Champion Advanced Showman – Sophie Albiani
Reserve Champion Novice Showman- Michael Satter

Other Awards:
Champion Small Animal Master Showmanship:
– Samantha Albiani
Best of Show Mechanics Project:
– Lucas Canter, Joseph Carroll, Jeffry Niemeyer

Sacramento Junior Livestock Auction Committee Scholarship Recipients:
– Joey Schwabenland & Mily Meinking

Supreme Champion Single Fryer
Matthew Koontz

Supreme Champion Steer
Jordan Ayala

Champion Light Cross
Brianna Heglar

Reserve Champion Dark Cross
Sophie Albiani

Reserve Champion Duroc
Maddy Ames

Reserve Champion Yorkshire
Izzy Alves

Champion Hampshire
Ashley Feldman

Champion Speck
Bella Ayers

Reserve Supreme Champion Lamb
Abby Jacobsen

Reserve Champion FFA Lamb
Bella Albiani

Reserve Champion Natural
Arianna Alvarado

Reserve Champion Dorset
Morgan Peak

Small Animal Master Showmanship Champion
Samantha Albiani

Best of Show Mechanics Project
Lucas Canter, Joseph Carroll, Jeffry Niemeyer

2021 California FFA State Final Winners

2020 National FFA Convention Success

On behalf of the Elk Grove Agriculture Department, we would like to share our most recent success at the 2020 National FFA Convention. While normally we would be in Indianapolis for the week, this year, National FFA has held a series of virtual sessions throughout the last few days. During those sessions, the following students received outstanding recognition in the Agriscience Research Project Competition.

  • Eden Hamming & Sophie Albiani- National Champion Agriscience- Power, Structural & Technology Project, Division 4
  • Izzy Alves & Bella Albiani- National Champion Agriscience- Environmental Services/Natural Resources Project, Division 4
  • Olivia Renzullo & Abby Jacobsen- Res. National Champion Agriscience- Food Products & Processing Project, Division 4

Additionally, we had 6 graduates receive the highest degree bestowed on an FFA member, the American FFA Degree. This award is for students who have earned over $10,000 and productively invested at least $7,500 with their Supervised Agriculture Experience projects.

  • Elizabeth Vietheer (class of 2019)
  • Stephanie Boyd (class of 2019)
  • Taylor Hutchison (class of 2019)
  • JC Mitchell (class of 2019)
  • Ava Solano-Lim (class of 2018)
  • Spencer Francesconi (class of 2018)

If you happen to know, or have any of these students in class please congratulate them on their hard work paying off!

Elk Grove FFA Making History!!!

At the 92nd National FFA Convention, Elk Grove FFA Member, Isabella Albiani made Elk Grove FFA History as she was named the National Creed Speaking Champion, a first for Elk Grove FFA. Additionally, Our Best Informed Greenhand/FFA Quizbowl team placed 4th in the nation and team member Samantha Albiani was named the 3rd High Individual.

In agriscience, Kylie Applemun & Delaney Sarantopulos placed 3rd in their category and four other projects competed at the National level. Our Farm Business Management team participated in the national competition as well. Overall 16 students made it to the semi-finals or ABOVE in their respected contest areas. There are over 700,000 members in over 8,000 chapters in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. To make it to the semis let alone the top four or WIN is flat out PHENOMENAL! Congratulations competitors!

It’s Field Day Season!

Two field days down and five to go before State FFA finals. Competing CDE teams this year include: Ag. Sales, Agronomy, Cooperative Marketing, Marketing Plan, Farm Business Management, Best Informed Greenhand, Livestock, Agriscience and Agricultural Welding. The Elk Grove FFA has participated in the U.C. Davis Field Day and Chico State Field Day the past two weekends. Our teams have been named in the top 5 both weekends for nearly every CDE that has competed. We wish our teams luck in the remaining field days as they prepare for State FFA Finals in May.

Ending the year on a high note

Elk Grove FFA rounded out 2017 with National success!

15 students attended the 2017 National Convention to compete in Agriscience, Farm Business Management and to represent California as a delegate. Our members made us proud earning 2 silvers, an three golds in Agriscience along with a second place overall finish in Advanced Animal Systems earned by Taylor Applemun and Prentyce Hitt. Additionally, The Farm Business management team earned a silver. Finally, Georgia Fedler, as a National Delegate, helped elect the 2017-2018 National FFA President who hails from California!

Elk Grove FFA achieves Sacramento County Fair Success!!

Elk Grove FFA brought over 180 FFA exhibitors to the 2017 Sacramento County Fair where they competed in various shows and events for six days and enjoyed the fun of the fair. A special thanks to the FFA Boosters and volunteers who graciously gave up their week to assist with the fair and provide amazing meals for both Florin and Elk Grove FFA. No one does fair quite like our boosters. We are so thankful for their hard work and dedication to our chapter!!

Event Results:

Emma Phillips
· Champion Shorthorn Steer
· Reserve Champion FFA Steer
Sarah Cueva
· Champion Hereford Steer
Elizabeth Vietheer
· Reserve Champion Black Cross Steer
· Champion AOB Heifer
· Champion Angus Heifer
· Supreme Champion Heifer
· 1st Place Advanced Beef Showmanship

Darin Lowery
· Champion FFA Suffolk Lamb
Kylie Applemun
· Champion Natural Colored Lamb
Carly Huss
· Reserve Champion Natural Colored Lamb
Shelby Barnes
· Reserve Champion Brockle Face Lamb

Sara Armstrong
· 1st Place Advanced FFA Showmanship
Michelle Kellmann
· 1st Place Novice FFA Showmanship

Aranza Chavez
· Champion FFA Single Fryer
Kelsey Johnston
· Reserve Champion FFA Single Fryer
Delaney Kingston
· 1st Place Novice FFA Rabbit Showmanship
Ava Solano-Lim
· 1st Place Small Animal Master Showmanship
· 1st Place Advanced FFA Rabbit Showmanship
· Best of Breed Rabbit-Polish
· Best Opposite of Breed Rabbit-Flemish Giant

Ava Solano-Lim
· Best of Show
· Best in Division-Large Fowl
· Best in Division-Modern Game
· Best in Division-English
· Best in Division-All other Standard Breeds

Tristan Hibbs
· Champion Duroc Market Hog

Pygmy Goats:
Ava Solano-Lim
· 1st Place FFA Advanced Showmanship
· Reserve Champion Pygmy Goat Doe

Champion Shorthorn
Emma Phillips

First Place – Upcycle Livestock Trailer Bar
Andy Feist

FFA Champion Suffolk
Darin Lowery

Champion Natural Colored Lamb
Kylie Applemun

1st Place FFA Novice Rabbit Showmanship
Dalaney Kingston

Wine Barrell Fire Pit – First Place
Blaise Sommers

The Results are in: Elk Grove FFA ranks nationally!!

19 Elk Grove FFA members traveled to National Convention in October to compete and serve as National Delegates. Alanna Pere and Cole Ibbotson served as National delegates for the state of California helping to elect the 2016-17 National Officer team. The State Champion Sales team consisting of Ava Solano Lim, Shelby Clifford, Prentyce Hitt and Logan Sigmon competed in the National Contest earning 7th Place. The State winning Farm Business Management Team competed as well. For their efforts, team member Sarah Sigmon earned silver. Finally, five agriscience projects competed in their respective categories. All five projects placed in the top ten, four of which earned gold and one earned silver. Kylie Applemun and Delaney Sarantopolous earned second in Plant Systems and were awarded on stage during the 5th general session!! Congratulations to all participants!

Elk Grove FFA National Convention competitors and attendees

Agriscience Sales Team
Shelby Clifford, Ava Solano-Lim, Prentyce Hitt and Logan Sigmon

The Farm Business Management team
Coach, Mr. Patton
Members: Karlye Clement, Mckenzie Marsh, Sarah Sigmon and Lane Ibbotson pictured with contest sponsor John Deere Representative.

Second Place Agriscience Winners
Kylie Applemun and Delaney Sarantopolous

Agriscience competitor
Mckenna Feaster

Agriscience competitor
Taylor Hutchison

Agriscience competitors
Mason San Filippo and Larry Satter


State and County Fair Results

At the Sacramento County Fair where 178 Elk Grove FFA members exhibited livestock, ornamental horticulture and shop projects. As a result students earned:

• Supreme Champion Steer
• Supreme Champion Heifer
• Reserve Champion Bull
• Champion Cow-Calf
• Reserve Supreme Champion Eggs
• FFA Grand Champion Rabbit Meat Pen
• FFA Champion Single Fryer
• Champion AOB Lamb
• Reserve Champion Brockle Face Lamb

• 1st & 2nd Place Novice Beef Showmanship
• 4 students in the final round of sheep showmanship
• 5 students in the final round of swine showmanship
• 3 students in the final round of rabbit showmanship
• 1st & 2nd place in Novice Goat Showmanship
• Champion poultry Showman
• Small Animal Round Robin Winner
• Supreme Champion Pygmy Goat
• Best of Division Woodworking Project
• 6 shop projects sold in the silent auction.

The day after the county fair concluded, the top 40 FFA point award members traveled to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom to reward them for a year or hard work and dedication.

June 1st marked the beginning of state fair livestock preparation and food preservation entries. Students worked hard to prepare, market rabbits, market eggs, market turkeys, breeding rabbits and poultry, horses, dairy, cattle, sheep, jams, pickles, barbecue sauce and salsa. They were shown in the FFA market and breeding shows, open show, dairy show and indoor exhibits. The state fair is still underway through July 24th. So far, Elk Grove FFA has received:

• 1st Place Pygmy Goat Showmanship-Ava Solano-Lim
• Champion Pygmy Goat Wether-Ava Solano Lim
• Outstanding Rabbit Exhibitor-Ava Solano-Lim

• Reserve Champion Market Turkey-Kylie Applemun
• Champion Challenge Winner-J.C. Mitchell
• Beef Herdsmanship & CBCIA Award-Elizabeth Vietheer
• Best of Show Jam-Taylor Applemun

Ava Solano Lim wins a Golden Bear

Elizabeth Vietheer and JC Mitchell,
State Fair Winners

Ava Solano-Lim, CA State Fair Rabbit Show

Elizabeth Vietheer

Blaise Sommers with his Wine Barrel Fire-pit

Kyle Blackburn with Feeder High Top Table

Jordan Towns with Tailgate Bench

Gavin Wheatley’s Rope Rack

Janelle Wade’s Peter Pan Bench

Reserve Champion Turkey
Kylie Applemun

Other summer happenings include the 2016 Chapter Officer Retreat held June 29-30. The new team had an opportunity to bond, plan the upcoming year of FFA events, attend great industry tours and enjoy some recreation.

Additionally, FFA Members, Cole Ibbotson and Alanna Pere were chosen to represent the State of California Association FFA as Nation Delegates at the 2016 National FFA Convention.

As summer comes to a close we invite you to join us at our Welcome Back BBQ held August 4th from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at the school farm. Greenhands please come at 1:00 p.m. to the farm to participate in the Greenhand Gateway!

The Elk Grove FFA had a stellar CDE season…

The EGHS FFA was fortunate this spring to win 6 state titles in CDE competition.

State Champion Teams:

  • Agricultural Sales
  • Farm Business Management
  • Farm Records
  • Cooperative Marketing
  • Novice Agriscience
  • Advanced Agriscience

Other State Finals placings:

  • Best Informed Greenhand – 2nd
  • Agricultural Issues Forum – 3rd
  • Agronomy Judging – 8th

State Leadership Contests:

  • Job interview – Madeline Schanken – 4th
  • Shelby Clifford – Semi finalist

State Proficiency Winner:

  • Shelby Clifford – Integrated Agriscience

We are very lucky to have an outstanding set of students to work with as well as a very supportive community. A special thanks to all of our team sponsors.